Level Ultimate
Type Beast
Prior forms Gatomon


Next forms JagerLoweemon

MegaWerehogmon MegaWerehogmon Burst Mode

This Digimon looks just like Werehog Sonic from Sonic Unleashed, this Digimon is said to be the original form and/or prototype of WereGarurumon


  • Extendable arms: Werehogmon stretches his arms over long distances, aiding him in fighting enemies and traversing the world.
  • Increased strength: Werehogmon allowing him to lift open closed doors and effortlessly pick up, carry and throw crates and enemies.
  • Beat Down: Allows Werehogmon to swing and smash a grabbed enemy
  • Unleashed: Werehogmon unleashes a ear screeching howl
  • Were-Hammer: Werehogmon preforms an uppercut and slams into ground that creates a shock wave that damages and pushes back enemies.
  • Were-Claw: Werehogmon slashes enemies while dashing.
  • Were-Wallop: Werehogmon slashed with both claws in an uppercut fashion and sends enemies in the air.
  • Earthshaker: Werehogmon pounds the ground with both fists, creating a close-range earthquake. Can be controlled to catch more enemies.

Unison Attacks

  • Solar Wind Unleashed Destroyer: Aldadmon uses his "Solar Wind Destroyer" then Werehogmon fires of his Unleashed and the Solar Wind Destroyer begins to explode into a flaming sound wave.
  • Shadow Unleashed Meteor: Loweemon uses his "Shadow Meteor" then Werehogmon fires of his Unleashed and the Shadow Meteor begins to explode into a dark sound wave.
  • Solar Wind Shadow Unleashed Destroyer Meteor: Aldamon uses his "Solar Wind Destroyer" then Loweemon uses his "Shadow Meteor" then Werehogmon fires of his Unleashed and all 3 moves mix and become a flaming dark sound wave.
  • Dual Howl: WereGarurumon and Werehogmon unleash a massive howl that can stop any Digimon on the spot!

Variations / Subspecies


  • Wherehogmon is basically a Digimon from of Sonic the Werehog from Sonic Unleashed.

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