The Wicked Army is the army of the DigiDestroyed. This army consists of several different Digimon who are servants of the Seven Great Demon Lords.


  • Waspmon: Waspmon is a high-strung, dim-witted Digimon. He often isn't aware of his actions and will jump at the chance to try and be evil. Waspmon is known to have a large crush on Lilithmon although he also is terrified of her. In Digimon, Dawn of a New Era he frees Lilithmon from her enchantment, and Lilithmon chokes him. He often refers to the demon lords as "my lord," or, "master."
  • Coelamon: Coelamon is a evil, power-hungry Digimon. His goal is to try and become the strongest Digimon ever, and plots against the Seven Great Demon Lords, stating that he can form his own superior army... leading to Leviamon destroying him.
  • Murmukusmon: Murmukusmon is a strong, sly, Mega-level Digimon. He serves the Seven Great Demon Lords and, despite being faithful to the demon lords, gets murdered by Daemon, who believes that Murmukusmon was no longer needed.
  • Mephistomon: Mephistomon is an intelligent, darkness-ruler that serves the Demon lords. He is known to be able to corrupt Digimon by sending them to the Dark Area. He is quite cruel and has no heart, he is one of the only Digimon the Demon lords did not kill.
  • Baromon: Baromon is a greedy chieftain. He often refers to himself as king of the Wicked Army. He is rather strong and fights with an iron fist... despite this, Belphemon absorbs his data.

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