William Rink
(Rink William)
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Knights
Partner(s):Fan:Rikermon Knight
Digivice(s):Xros Loader
Age 12/22
Date of birth Jan.17
Grade 6th
Gender Male
Nationality American
Occupation Zookeeper

Will is the rival of Fan:Zack Z-Man and always calls him the Goggles' head even though Zack calls him Headphone Boy. He might look like he doesn`t care for anything but he deeply cares for his digimon. He is shown as a child to like wolves and other beast making Rikermon the perfect digimon. He also loves the zoo as seen in "Little Will" when he was rather excited to see the Garurumon that were in the glass door but quickly said "I just like wolves so much I have books that I can't fit on the shelf." His catchphase is "This is going to be annoying." Before he was sent to the digital world he had a real talent for basketball and was supposed to be on a prodigy team but when before he was able to sign up a massive earthquake hit and when Will was falling his ipod turn in to a Xros Loader and transported him into the digital world so he can suvive the fall.