Winged orbs were used by Hikaru, Shiori, Ayumu, Akari, Naoki, and Yuudai in the movie, Digimon: Head In The Clouds to help them reach Cloud Village and save the residents.

The Winged Orb of Bravery

The Winged Orb of Bravery, when activated, transforms Feeshmon to Adarnamon.

The Winged Orb of Devotion

The Winged Orb of Devotion, when activated, transforms Kitemon to Swanmon.

The Winged Orb of Trust

The Winged Orb of Trust, when activated, transforms Batmon to Humamon.

The Winged Orb of Wisdom

The Winged Orb of Wisdom, when activated, transforms Rainmon to Phoenimon.

The Winged Orb of Peace

The Winged Orb of Peace, when activated, transforms Flymon to Zizmon.

The Winged Orb of Passion

The Winged Orb of Passion, when activated, transforms Buzzdramon to Aellomon.

To Happen Later In The Seasons

The Winged Orbs will be used again in Season 3 with a new generation of DigiDestined along with a new Winged Orb that will be revealed later. Season 3 will feature the characters as adults with their children as the DigiDestined.

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