Wisemon t

Wisemon is a henchmen of Lilithmon & Tactimon, though mostly the former.


Wisemon is primarily responsible for creating the Digimon & Claymon that battle the DigiDestined, although this function falls to Tactimon after his appearance. Wisemon does this by sculpting the Digimon out of DigiClay & 'cooking' them in a special oven/kiln/machine in his workshop called the Digi-Matic. Not only is he skilled at supplying Digimon & henchmen for his leaders, he is also shown to be a skilled alchemist & potion maker (similar to Etemon) & inventor, supplying many kinds of potions & gadgets. He's also extremely brilliant & somewhat all-knowing, as he is also able to provide wisdom for Lilithmon & Tactimon. Near the end of the episode "Crystal of Nightmares", it is implied by MadLeomon that Wisemon think using the Crystal was a good idea, while MadLeomon denies it. Wisemon is the one responsible for making the suggestion that Kokuwamon be used in "delivering the message of evil", as Lilithmon calls it, in "The Wedding".

Following Tactimon's return, Wisemon is suddenly made obsolete. Tactimon makes his own Digimon, though after MetalPiranimon (Tactimon's first Digimon) is destroyed, Wisemon comments he could've done better. Wisemon laments his current status in the villains, missing the good old days with Lilithmon. When Lilithmon returns from her exile, Wisemon helps her return to power – restoring her size, making her look younger & creating a love potion to get Tactimon to marry her.

In the third season, Wisemon is back to making Digimon. His love potion is also revealed to MadLeomon. Wisemon is just as surprised as anyone to find, though, that Tactimon actually does love Lilithmon.

At the start of Digimon Zeo, Wisemon joins Tactimon & Lilithmon in fleeing the oncoming forces of the Machine Empire. He later returns with his masters (sans Grumblemon & Etemon) & builds several machines for them. In "Warriors of Two Worlds, Part 1", Wisemon makes a new wand for Lilithmon which is absurdly more powerful than the previous one, as it creates a Digimon that is too strong even for "Zeomon + Pyramidramon + Agunimon".