Level In-Training
Type Lesser
Attribute Virus
Family Dark Area

Wispmon is a Lesser Dragon whose name and design come from "wisp." It sometimes ends up infiltrating computer systems and causing small problems. However, it is innocent at heart and often ends up causing these acts without even realizing it.


There is not much to Wispmon's appearance: it is merely a small Digimon shaped like a wisp of purple energy with a cute face on the front. There are tiny hands and feet made from the energy.

Digimon Data Squad FanFiction

Wispmon appears as a very minor character in a Digimon Data Squad FanFiction as the son of Kagemon and Strykemon. Throughout most of his appearances, he is still within his Digi-Egg, which is purple with blue stripes. Near the end of the fic, the egg hatches, revealing Wispmon and making the two humanoid Digimon happy parents.


  • Shadow Puff - Exhales a cloud of purple smoke to obscure his enemy's vision so he can escape.