Witslumon is a clown like Digimon that is the result of a jogress evolution between IceDevimon and Piedmon. He appears in the story 'Problems of Love', a fan written story where a young girl, Yumichi Ichano gets attacked by Piedmon, whom Gallantmon defeats. Piedmon and Icedevimon come back for revenge against Takato, Yumichi and Rika which causes them to jogress in a last ditch attempt.


A virus type that looks like Piedmon expect his baggy pants are a light and dark blue striped pattern; his shoes are pale green with curled ends. His shirt is light blue and his arms are down to his knees with leather belts tied around them. has large torn, icy blue wings. His mask is the half black half white scheme. The swords are still sheathed inside the puzzle box on his back.


Frozen Rain: sends out small shards of ice from his gloved palms.

Hypothermic Slash: slashes opponent with swords that send out pulsing waves of ice.

Trump Trick: throws blanket over self to disappear and reappear somewhere else where he then proceeds to slash his opponent.

Jesters Box: traps his opponent inside an invisible box with himself so no one else can intrude in the battle, wears off after a varying amount of time.

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