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Wolfiusmon is an Armor-level Digimon that is an armor-digivolved Jaguarusmon. His appearance is a humanoid wolf with armor, a cape, a giant crystal laser sword, a giant steel shield and chainmail underneath the armor. He is the current leader of the Royal Knights and is the most powerful and skilled Digimon of the large team of Royal Knights. He armor-digivolved through the divine power of the Digi-Egg of Divinity. He possesses the defensive, offensive power and knowledge of a Mega-Ultimate level Digimon and is the most powerful Digimon in the Digital World. He also bears the Crest of Divinity on his steel shield and his crystal laser sword.


Big Storm (Great Thunder): Summons a huge storm and blows the opponents nearby up.

Super Strike (Almighty Charge): Charges at the opponent with his crystal laser sword.

Boomer Star (Wolfan Explosion): Forms an aura cube around himself and the cube then blinds and kills the nearby opponents.

Last Combo (Final Strike): Blasts the opponents into deep space.

Level: Armor

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Holy Knight Digimon

Family: Meta Empire, Virus Busters, Warriors

Digivolves from: Jaguarusmon

Appears in: Digimon: Next Chapter

Partner: Jacky Yau

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