Title Genetic Child
Level Rookie
Type Genetic Earliness
Attribute Any
Family Unknown
Prior forms Deawydramon
Next forms Walkerdramon

Wyrmdramon displays yet another significant change in behavior when it digivolved, as part of a plan to resurrect Biodramon. It suddenly began biting the hand that feeds it, often literally. The most odd bit about it, however, is that whenever it opens it's mouth, it's very Digicore is exposed directly, as if it anticipates something to try and strike at it. Not much changed in behavior have been noted, but the only major change aside from a very top secret bit of information is that it has drastically increased in size compared to it's prior form, and is sometimes considered the largest Rookie Level Digimon due to this notable change. It's body is split into three sections; A head, a main body, which in turn is split into five segments capable of rotating, and it's tail.