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(ドルビックモン Dorbickmon)
Dorbickmon b
Level Mega
Type Dragon Man
Attribute Data
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Volcdramon
Next forms Examon (Red)
Slide forms Slayerdramon


Wyverdramon is a Dragon Man Digimon whose design is derived from the mythological Welsh Dragon. It is the general of the Fire-fury Army of the "Big Death-Stars". It leads a multitude of dragon Digimon in perfect order, and destroys its enemies with its overwhelming battle strength, in any kind of combat situation. It excels in both power and speed, and with its wealth of combat experience its powers of intuition is outstanding, so that it can easily handle battles where it must adapt to the moment. Due to a personality that prefers the flames of destruction surging across the battlefield, it stirs up battles when it comes across a peaceful area. And although it's a Digimon, it obtains pleasure from gazing on the sight of the world being incinerated.


  • Dragon's Fury Blade (Tyrant Collbrande): Attacks with a flaming sword formed from the anger it works up in battle, whose power depends on the strength of its fury.
  • Burning the Dragon: Stabs a dragon's vein within the land, modifying the terrain and inflicting damage on groups of enemies.
  • Dragon Infernal Fire (Dragon Breath-tonic Fire): Exhales a burst of extremely high-temperature breath that instantly reduces anything it touches to ashes.

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