(ネプチューンドラモン Neptunedramon)
Title Titanic Gale
Xenobiotic. Intelligent. Lifeform. Annihilator.
Level Mega
Type Jovian
Attribute Virus
Prior forms TBA

XILA-Mon, as it is called in Ebemon's language, is a massively sized Digimon based on the concept of lighter than air lifeforms living in Jovian atmospheres. The XILA in it's name means Jovian in Ebemon's language, referencing the kind of planets XILA-Mon is often found on. XILA-Mon is known as the second largest Digimon to ever exist, second only to Gaiamon. XILA-Mon is more frequently seen than Gaiamon is, especially in the bubble colonies Ebemon's empire have floating in Neptune's atmosphere, where XILA-Mon is frequently found feeding on the massively powerful winds below the colonies. What the XILA part of the name stands for other than meaning Jovian in Ebemon's language is unknown, but some say it stands for Xenobiotic. Intelligent. Lifeform. Annihilator.

Digimon World: Bronze and Cobalt Versions

After the introduction boss in the game, there are 4 different bosses that are faced before the next part of the game. XILA-Mon's line is one of the bosses, merely the stage it is in depends on the order it is faced. If XILA-Mon's line is faced as the 1st, it is in it's Champion stage. If it is faced 2nd or 3rd, it is in it's Ultimate stage. If it is faced Last, it is faced as XILA-Mon and unlocks the location Storm of the Gods earlier. XILA-Mon is an HPType Digimon that specializes in the Wind element. It digivolves from a to be revealed Ultimate stage at Level 70+ and has been traded between games atleast once.