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X Evolve Royal Knight (Dexmon Royal Knight)
(X進化ロイヤルナイト X-Shinka Roiyarunaito)
Level Mega
Type (Ja:) Undead Digimon
Unidentified Digimon
(En:) Ghost Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dark Area
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Dexmon
Partners Samuel Jin (decreased)later revived by X Evolve

X Evolve is was evolution of Dexmon where Jin found X-Antibody.Similar of Omnimon and WarGreymon and comfirmed of Dorugoramon.He was a true soldier and become new lifes threaten defeated Anemone.

Power Rangers X-Evolution

When Jin died, X-Evolve grabbed X-Antibody and combine X-Antibody to become the Royal Knight and destroy her.After she destroyed, X-Evolve revive Jin and stay alive.X-Evolve back to return into Dexmon.X Evolve still a soldier when Omimon said that Dexmon he was non-Royal Knight.X-Evolve evolve into Dexmon Royal Knight and Omimon shocked.


  • Powerful Sword Attack: This sword to allow to defeat opponent which anime Anemone was destroyed by X-Evolve's Powerful Sword Attack.

Notes and References

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