Xavier Schacht
Appears in:Digimon Reverse
Partner(s):Black Pupilmon & White Pupilmon
Trait(s):Dawn and Dusk
Age 11
Grade 5th
Gender Male
Height 157cm
Nationality German

Xavier Schacht is a foster child who only has his two digimon the Pupilmons. The three of them only trust eachother because of all the homes that they got kicked out of. Xavier's parents were killed by Venommyostismon when they were on a family vacation to Japan, ever since then he was detrimined to kill all the evil digimon that was ever created.


Xavier wears a cloak similar to his two Pupilmon, also he wears a spiked shoulderpad, the only thing left of his father. He has a scar over his eye from when Venommyotismon destroyed the building they were in.

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