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Xeniamon is a fan made Digimon created by Scar34

Level: In Training

Digivolves From: N/A

Digivolves To: Fan:Scaledramon

Type: Vaccine

Xeniamon is a small green ball-like digimon with small beady black eyes set near the top of it's forehead. It has a large, bulbous snout filled with blunt teeth. Large spines come down from it's back that are a slightly lighter green than it's body. Xeniamon loves freids and company and doesn't like fights but will fight if it has to.


Small Fang: Xeniamon bites the opponent.


1. Xenia is the name of a small crocodile monster in starian mytholygy.

2. Xeniamon's original name was Crocomon.

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