Title lord of the shadows
Level Ultimate
Type Phantom beast
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Renamon

Xholoumon is a digimon that has seeked to much power and has found it. it wishes to get revenge on all that has troubled it in the passed.despite it want's revenge on the world it will fight for the side of good and seek nothing but justice for all kind of digimon. it has been banished to the dark area for it's crimes and has not given up for what it believes in, it escaped the dark area to continue it's quest. it hopes that one day it can find a human partner to release it from it's pain. this digimon has not friends no matter who it saves from the power of evil, it travels across the digitalworld alone. it is said that it has been to the heavens to see the Celestial Digimon to ask for forgiveness and was given that forgiveness and the power to jump from one part of the digitalworld to another. underneath it's looks it's the nieces digimon you will come to know. this digimon is the lord of the shadows one moment it's there right in front of you, when you blink it has gone for good. only a few have been brave enough to fight with it in battle and learnt its ways. it was once a youngRenamon that was abused by other digimon, and that's how Xholoumon came to been.


  • matrix jump: focuses all of it's power into it's legs and then jumps, and strikes from the air with a shock wave it fire's from swigging it legs like it's kicking.
  • Heart crush: strongest attack it possesses, strikes at the centre of the foe and mentally attacks it by making it's foe relive it most hated memories
  • assassin's cover: makes it self look like another digimon that look similar to it eg, Garurumon or WereGarurumon
  • diamond burst: summons a hauld of extremely sharp diamond's and shots them at the opponent
  • storm matrix: attacks a opponent while covered in a strong wind and with the force of a great storm(this only works when in a forest, jungle, desert or water)