Matt Kudou is the great-grandson of Taiki Kudou and Akari Hinomoto. seven years after digimon xros wars 3 major citys where built xros city (xros hearts) flare-tropalist (blue flare) and light night city (twilight). humans have been going to that world ever since 21 years after xros wars and have been given digimon partners and xros loaders and have been told to go make there armies and to stop evil digimon in the digital world because each zone is now 10 times bigger. but not all new armies are good some are evil and wish to distroy these three citys but what matt doesn't know that he was going to become a great general and a friend of his great-grandfather will return and become his partner


xros soul

general. Matt Kuduo

partner. shoutmon

army members.raindramon, mailbirdramon, starmon(2010) picmon, slashangemon, ZeedGarurumon, skullknightmon(formerly Megial roar), deadlyaxemon(formerly Megial roar), sparrowmon, greymon(2010), deckdramon(formerly new flare), Gaiomon, VictoryGreymon , cyberdramon(2010), tankdramon, divermon, dourgreymon (xros soul version), fan:metal-angemon, dramons (three dracomons)

partner armies. team Ballist-burst


general. john knightson

partner. Ballistamon

army members fan:stealth-sparrowmon, skullmon( three skullgreymon), knightmon, Dorulumon, Beelzemon (2010 anime)

partner armies. xros soul


xros city

general jakie

partner Rapidmon

human members 15

army members, fan:blitz-Gargomon, Deputymon(multiple), tankmon(multiple),

evil armies

Megial roar

general jack draness

partner Megidramon

army member, knightmon(multiple), wargrowlmon(multiple), skullknightmon, DeadlyAxemon, fan:lordramon, fan:metal-Devimon

partner armies. new flare

new flare.

general will kria

partner. greymon(2010 anime), mailbirdramon, deckerdramon

army members. greymon(2010 anime)(multiple), mailbirdramon(multiple), deckerdramon(multiple)

partner armies. Megial roar

seires 1 xros go

chapter1 matt's army forms

chapter2 new member sparrowmon, the lone digimon

chapter3 bolt lightning, vs match winds

chapter4 Imperial xros, great dragon

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