xros soul

chapter 1 matt army forms

matt said his mum your great-grandad taiki here now

ok said matt

i will see you in 2 hours said his mum

fine said matt

has she gone said taiki

yes said matt what do you want

you matt are going to the new digital world today

WHAT said matt but my mum said it was fake

that's a lie said Taiki then he got a a xros loader from his pocket this is your matt it's my old xros loader

what said matt does that me i get your army

no just shoutmon as you partner and starmon and picmons

realy said matt

yes said taiki now just say digital world open

ok said matt digital world open

and a portal opened

go said taiki matt you will do great

ok said matt as he walked into the portal

when matt walked out a voice said LET ME OUT taiki

whos that said matt

shoutmon and who this

matt taikis great-grandson said matt

great said shoutmon so your my new general

yes said matt um now shoutmon come on out

and then shoutmon poped out of the xros loader

hi matt said shoutmon

hi said matt and where are we

um said shoutmon the green zone and over there is xros city

ok let's go then said matt

no one like you is going near that city said a voice

whos that said matt

i'm jackie the ruel of xros city new-be you will not last a day there

so i'm new what do i do then said matt

come back to my city said jackie when you army has 5 or more members, come back later new-be

fine said matt but when i come back i will be the strongest in the city

that's a bet i can live with said jackie

fine said matt shoutmon lets go


you city said jackie oh ye your taiki'a shoutmon ok then when you come back and bet me in a battle you will be in the hight-ranks of my amry

fine said shoutmon let's go new general

ok shoutmon said matt let's go

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