Level Rookie
Type Demon Beast
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Coeurmon
Next forms MalRyumon

Yamimon is the viral digivoltion of Coeurmon. It lives in graveyards, acting as a guardian for the abodes of Undead Digimon like Myotismon and Mummymon. While only being about the size of an average human child, its small stature belies an overwhelmingly evil mind. It looks to rule over the Digital World, and only serve the higher ranked to advance its own agenda.


Yamimon has blackened fur, and long tapered ears that bend about one-third of the way along their length. It also wears a skull mask over its face, and a tattered crimson and violet colored robe. The claws on its hands and feet are a bright red, and its eyes are yellow with slits for pupils. It is incredibly quick, owing to the fact that its feet are twice the size of its hands.


  • Demon Sigil - Uses the seal of a Great Demon Lord to strike fear into the heart of its enemy
  • Dark World Slash - Gathers all of the negative emotions into its claws and swipes at its foe
  • Shadow Taint - A cloud of devilish mist seeps into the targets mind and slowly drains their energy


  • "Yami" is the Japanese word for "dark" or "darkness".