Yggdrasill BC
Level Champion
Type Program
Attribute Vaccine
Family Jungle Troopers, Metal Empire, Wind Guardians, Virus Buster, Nature Spirits
Prior forms X-Program + X-Antibody + Yggdrasil


Next forms Yggdrasimon V2

Yggdrasil X

Yggdrasimon is a Program Digimon whose name is derived from the mythological Yggdrasil and the Digital World Creator Yggdrasil. It is a Digimon who was created when Yggdrasil was infected with its own X-Program by its followers and was later infected with the X-Antibody to create a Mirage Digimon incarnated as Yggdrasimon, a Digimon which received a fraction of Yggdrasils intelligence and power, so it is sometimes called "The Digital Minor". It has a good personality and carries a low-strength X-Program as well as X-Antibody in its back. It has no mercy on bad Digimon and helps its allies always when possible. It cannot be deleted into a DigiEgg, but can be degenerated when weak enough.

Yggdrasil: Origins of the Program


  • X-Vaccine - Attacks target with the X-Antibody reverse engineered to have a reverse - effect against enemies and a healing - effect towards allies.
  • X-Virus - Attacks the target with a low - strength virus program that is a pseudo toxin to Digimon that can only be healed by the X-Antibody.