Level Fresh
Type Mage Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Next forms SentokiRyumon
Partners Fan:Hibiki

YojiRyumon is a Mage Digimon whose name and design based off a Mage. YojiRyumon was fused with Wizardmon's data and has little training with it, so it can't focus its magic very well. When it fires its magic will either fade out or hit another object. Its magic is powerful, but it has no courage to fight bigger enemies yet. It trains to digivolve by practicing its magic in the forest. Seeing fire, lightning or ice means that YojiRyumon is training there.


Magic Bubble: Blows a giant bubble to protect its self

Mini Charge: Charges at its opponent

Burning Bubbles: Blows bubble filled with fire at the opponenet