Yolei's Perfecto

Yolei Perfecto is a digimon fansite focusing mainly on digimon Adventure/02. The website, however, lacks episode guides. Also the entire website is basically about the humans, not the digimon, making it hard to determine whether or not this is a digimon fansite or not. The website's owner claims herself to be Yolei, by adressing to herself as Yolei, and placing a gif of Yolei next to her writing on updates and manuals. For other features is placed a picture of another Adventure/02 DigiDestined. And each gif has writing next to it. Of course, the owner of the website often gives other characters very different personalities, such as, "Hi, welcome to Davis Headquarters! I love Kari!!! I love Kari!!! Isn't my head shaped like a pineapple?"

Rude Parts

The fansite, Yolei Perfecto, is very rude at some points. The wesite used to include a feature called a digimon scanner, later deleted when "Yolei" says, "Hey, s***w the digimon, it's the DigiDestined we care about." Also the behavior of "Davis" on the fansite makes the character, Davis Motomiya, look bad in a way. And in the Taito gallery, the "Matt" character states that if anyone has a problem with Taito, they will offically put you on their to h**l list. The website also makes an incredibly rude non-true theory in the character bios, making this website for fans who are at least 11 years old.


The website Yolei Perfecto includes a fanfiction page. Just in case, a fanfic is a story or novel written by a fan based on any other TV show, movie, manga or video game. The longest fanfic on the whole website has been written by the website owner herself, as the fanfic is a story about a new character who falls in love with Ken. Also, almost all of the other fanfics are either completely Taito or just have bits of Taito throughout the story. So fans who are uncomfortable with Taito might not be interested in the fanfics section.

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