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Lucemon Shadowlord Mode b

yomidramon is a demon god digimon whose name is the words yomi', dragon and monster. it is said in legend, that this digimons creation was to guard yomi for ∞. this digimon is said to be able to defeat any digimon. the seals on it's many wings are known as the Horus № dokuki seals. these seals are believed to provide the energy of existence. this digimon was also created to destroy the earth.


•paradoso № enargo(paradox of darkness)- sends every living digimon into a mental and painful paradox. this attack allows yomidramon to use his okto № poddomo attack.

• okto № poddomo( paradise lost blast)- dives high into the sky, and then blasts a giant beam of darkness from his mouth. when yomidramon does this, this attack destroys the earth.

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