Level Mega
Type Holy Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Reptodramon
Next forms Yonggarymon(Divinity Mode)
Partners Ridge

Yonggarymon is a holy dragon Digimon whose name and design are derived from the kaiju “Yonggary”. After numerous battles with stronger and stronger opponents, it has finally achieved the dream it had when it was Gordramon. Its Mega-level body is perfectly proportioned and streamlined, complete with a second set of horns above its ears. Its pants have been reinforced with jointed armor plating, and its claws are made of an organic gold digizoid that radiates with its holy power. During its time as Reptodramon, it analyzed the fighting abilities of Dramon Swordsmen like Gaiomon, UlforceVeedramon, Slayerdramon, VictoryGreymon, Examon, and Owryumon. When it digivolved to Yonggarymon, it used the analyzed data to create its sword, Shouri no Doragon (勝利のドラゴン lit. Dragon of Victory). The massive blade is balanced by the counterweight at the end of the pommel, which is in truth, a condensed secondary digicore formed from the analyzed data and encased in a shell of gold digizoid. It fights with impressive swordsmanship, but it also attacks by using its body as a conduit to channel and amplify ambient energy and focusing it into holy fireballs. It radiates such focused energy that it can walk and run on the surface of water without making a ripple.


  • Ryū Crusher: Charges holy energy into its left hand, then punches the opponent in the gut, sending them flying up into the air. It then leaps up into the air and executes a downward slash on the opponent using the Shouri no Doragon.
  • Gravimetric Nova: Creates a ball of dark matter and ignites it. It then throws the dark matter fireball at the opponent. The fireball absorbs everything between it and the opponent like a black hole, causing it to expand until it hits the opponent, exploding on impact.
  • Divide by Infinity: A powerful sword technique. If it directly strikes an opponent's digicore, the opponent is reduced to a digiegg.
  • Dramon Pulse: Roars, sending out a destructive shockwave of pure dragon energy.

Notes and References

Lines and coloring by Zach Wilken

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