Yonggarymon(Divinity Mode)

Yonggarymon(Divinity Mode)
Yonggarymon Divinity Mode
Level Super Ultimate
Type Holy Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Yonggarymon
Partners Ridge

Yonggarymon Divinity Mode is a form of Yonggarymon that has completely released all its power and reached the Super Ultimate level. By combining its digicore with the secondary digicore on the pommel of the Draco de Victoria, it has gained access to its full holy power and augmented it with dragon energy. The armor on its right arm is made of green digizoid, a form of chrome digizoid that channels dragon energy in the same way that gold digizoid channels holy energy. When its two digicores combined, it released the true form of its sword, Aeterna Draco de Victoria (Eternal Dragon of Victory), a massive sword with a blade 30 ft. long and 10 ft. wide, composed of pure emerald dragon’s fire. The flames are the hottest in the existence of the Digital World, and can easily burn through an opponent weaker than Mega level, incinerating their digicore and permanently deleting them. The flames also burn through and extinguish all other forms of fire, including magma and lava. For a vaccine type, it fight mercilessly and will not stop until its opponent is destroyed, unless it is called off by its tamer. Its tamer is the only thing in the world that it will obey other than itself. It can breath and move unhindered underwater, and walk on air by self-powered flight. This means it is a perfect triphibious combatant, fighting in the air or under water just as well as it fights on dry land.


  • Great God Dragon of Destruction: Charges all of its holy and dragon energy into Aeterna Draco de Victoria, causing the blade of emerald dragon’s fire to double in width and triple in length, then uses the wildly burning blade to slash the opponent. Any Digimon below Mega-level that is hit by this attack will have its digicore completely incinerated, permanently deleting it.
  • Ambient Supernova: Gathers all the moisture in the air into a sphere of water between its hands, and then splits it into a sphere of hydrogen in its right hand and a sphere of oxygen in its left hand. It ignites both spheres of flammable gas and combines them into a beam of fire with the heat of an exploding star, which it fires at the opponent.
  • Dramon Dancer: Throws Aeterna Draco de Victoria into the air, then rushes to the opponent in the blink of an eye and executes a series of kicks, punches, slashes, and a tail strike while the opponent is focused on the sword spinning in the air.
  • Big Bang Blast: Grabs the opponent and fires an explosive blast of holy energy from its palm while still keeping a firm grip in the opponent.

Notes and References

Lines and coloring by Zach Wilken