Level Fresh
Type Slime
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Next forms Shimomon
Partners Wolfgang

Yukimon is a slime Digimon whose name is derived from “Yuki”, the Japanese word for snow, and whose design is based on an icy negative version of Goromon. When its ancient ancestor digivolved while migrating, there were some that moved from the ancient tropical habitats to more volcanic regions, while other moved to snowy polar regions. The heat and flames were good for the primordial Digimon, and the members that dwelled in the volcanic regions grew powerful and the ancient X-Antibody awakened the dragon data within their digicores. The members that went to the polar climates grew cold and hateful, with hearts full of icy menace and rage. Through natural selection, the volcanic members eventually became Goromon and its evolutionary line, while the artic members went extinct. However, through pure rage, the extinct Digimon reinvented themselves, becoming the frozen ghosts that would become Yukimon and its evolutionary line. It is a wicked Digimon fueled by its jealousy of Goromon and its hunger for vengeance. Yukimon’s skeletal body is clearly visible through its ectoplasmic flesh. When it vocalizes, the skull’s mouth moves, and its cry is a haunting mix of mournful sobbing and evil cackles.


  • Cowardice: Releases its unearthly haunting cry and escapes while the opponent is frozen in fear.

Notes and References

Lines and coloring by Zach Wilken