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Yukimura Okita
(沖田 幸村 Okita Yukimura)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Jun Fukuyama
(En:) Johnny Yong Bosch
Digivice(s):Red/Orange Digivice Touch
Red/Orange Digivice Touch v2.0
Age 13 (first half)
14 (second half)
Gender Male
Known relatives Shingen Okita (Father)
Shingen Okita II (Older Brother)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Digital Ranger
Aliases Digi-Red

Yukimura Okita is the main protagonist of Digimon Sentai Digi-Rangers. He is the Red Digital Ranger, which makes him the official leader of the Digital Rangers.


He is one of the Digi-Rangers Academy's top cadet, he graduated in the same year with Masamune Hijikata and Sakura Momoichi. He was assigned Agumon as his digimon partner.


Yukimura appears as a well-built young man who has orange hair and red eyes. He wears a uniform that is red and orange. His Digi-suit is red with orange as a secondary color.

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