Yukimura Okita
(沖田 幸村 Okita Yukimura)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Jun Fukuyama
(En:) Johnny Yong Bosch
Digivice(s):Red/Orange Digivice Touch
Red/Orange Digivice Touch v2.0
Digimon Forms
SupremeGreymon Sun Paladin Mode (Mode Change)
AlphaOmnimon Destroyer Mode (Mode Change)
Age 13 (first half)
14 (second half)
Gender Male
Known relatives Shingen Okita (Father)
Shingen Okita II (Older Brother)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Digital Ranger
Aliases Digi-Red

Yukimura Okita is the main protagonist of Digimon Sentai Digi-Rangers. He is the Red Digital Ranger, which makes him the official leader of the Digital Rangers.


He is one of the Digi-Rangers Academy's top cadet, he graduated in the same year with Masamune Hijikata and Sakura Momoichi. He was assigned Agumon as his digimon partner.


Yukimura appears as a well-built young man who has orange hair and red eyes. He wears a uniform that is red and orange. His Digi-suit is red with orange as a secondary color.

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