Yusuke Amano
Type Hybrid
Attribute Variable
Family Unknown
Next forms Yusuke Amano (Armor)* (w/Digimental)
Partners Megidramon

Yusuke Amano is a Hyumon in Digimon Xros Wars. He was created by DarkKnightmon from the DNA data of Yuu Amano in an attempt to create a stronger commander for the Bagra Army. He has a very earnest personality, but is also very naive, believing anything he is told. This comes to the point where he can't see through even the most ridiculous disguises or tricks (for example, he thought Nene was some kind of alligator when he first met her). Because of this, most other members of the Bagra Army consider him a moron and a failure, even his commanding officer Dorbickmon.

Yusuke is first mentioned by Dorbickmon when he tells DarkKnightmon that his "fool lieutenant" has gone missing. He first encounters Xros Heart after Nene rescues Taiki from Dorbickmon. He doesn't realize that they are Xros Heart and quickly makes friends with Taiki and Shoutmon. He tells them that he's in Dragon Land looking for these bad guys that recently appeared in the Digital World. When Dorbickmon reveals Xros Heart's identities,Yusuke gets angry, saying that Bagramon told him that Xros Heart is an army of bad people who want to overthrow the king and tear the Digital World apart.

Yusuke then Digivolves into his Armor form (to Xros Heart's surprise) and chases after Taiki alongside Dorbickmon. He almost catches him but is interrupted by KingAquilamon of the Digirangers. Though he proves more than a match for KingAquilamon, the Digirangers are able to turn things around by forming SuperKingAquilamon. Reveals that he possesses a Darkness Loader, and plans to use it, but stops when he sees that Xros Heart and Blue Flare have defeated Dorbickmon. He then unleashes Megidramon and flys away on it, swearing revenge against Xros Heart.

Yusuke Amano(Armor)

Yusuke Amano (Armor)
Type Advanced Hybrid
Attribute Variable
Family Unknown
Prior forms Yusuke Amano
Next forms Yusuke Amano Darkness Mode

Yusuke's Armor form. To activate this form, he tugs at the fingerless glove on his right hand (his Digimental) and shouts "Digimental Up!" In this state, Yusuke shows his true power as a member of the Dragon Land Army, being able to create explosive fireballs that augment his enhanced physical prowess. Though he is regarded as incompetant, even DarkKnightmon acknowledges Yusuke's power in this state.


  • Burn Breaker: Creates a fireball around his leg and kicks the opponent in the head, simultaneously exploding the fireball.
  • Fireball Bomb: Hurls an exploding fireball at his opponent.