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Zack Z-Man
(Z-Man Zack)
Partner(s):Fan:Flame`omon Knight
Digivice(s):Digivice IC
Age 11
Date of birth December 14
Grade 5th
Gender Male
Known relatives Mom and Dad
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Digimon Knight

Zack is the main character in Fan:Digimon Knights.He went to summer school because his grades were too low and when he was not paying attention to the teacher he created a digimon who was Flame`omon.He was sucked into the Digiworld by a tornado when he looking out the window.Everyone but him was out of the school when the tornado hit.Then that was when his game boy turned in to a digivice Ic, then the digivice confirmed the Flame`omon drawing on his notepad and turned Flame`omon into his In-training form.He then met all the other digidestined and their partners.Then the adventure began.

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