Level Champion
Type Dino-Beast Digimon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters

Nightmare Soldiers

Prior forms Rozamon
Next forms Aldiyamon

MalZamon is the champoin level of Rozamon .


MalZamon walks about on four legs. It wears its robe of sky blue and sunny yellow, but now the hems of the sleeves have the symbols of a Holy Ring stitched in black on the gold fabric that dominates the first two inches of the sleeves.MalZmon has retained the blue color of its predecessor . Its claws just barley poke out from the sleeves of its robe, but the claws on its digits are razor sharp.


  • Brust Cannon - Creates a small orb of light and fires it at the foe
  • Vaccine Wings - Batters a foe with its four shining wings to erase all harmful data in its system
  • Golden Claw - Slashes at the foe with claws turned gold by holy data