Type Unique Digimon
Prior forms GrandGeneramon + Kimeramon + Machinedramon

ZeedGeneramon is a Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Arrogant (כתר Z'd?) General". It is the DigiXros of GrandGeneramon, Kimeramon, and Machinedramon. It has the head, neck and chest of Dorbickmon, the lower jaw, arms, and tail of Kimeramon, the back-mounted cannons, and right arm of Machinedramon, the wings and left arm of NeoVamdemon, the abdomen of Zamielmon, the body of Splashmon Darkness Mode as its lower half, the right arm of Gravimon with its chest and tentacles as the shoulder, and the crest and left arm of Apollomon Whispered.

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