Appears in:Fan:The Lost Chronicles
First appearance Fan:Lost Chronicles I Chapter 3: Fateful Encounter
Voice actor(s):Melissa Fahn
Age 19
Date of birth 780
Gender Female (obviously)
Height 5'02"
Weight 109

Zelda is a serene young woman appearing in the Lost Chronicles series as a major protagonist.


A kind and caring young woman with a rough history. In spite of the illogical hatred she received in her younger days, she retains a gentle optimism and cares deeply about all those she meets, even complete strangers. She is modest, polite, and shy, blushing at just the slightest praise, feeling she does not deserve it. Perhaps because of her currently unexplained past, she hates to see anyone injured, even those who have previously hurt her.

Coming from the desert, her clothes are thin, light, and revealing, the same as everyone else from the desert, to avoid becoming overheated. As modest and shy as she is, it has been questioned why she continues to wears such clothes when not in the desert...Oddly enough, she seems to have no problem with them.


Zelda first came to the aid of Thomas and Statuedramon in Caladium Village during a bandit raid.


Zelda is a Digimon Summoner, meaning she can summon the spirits of deceased Digimon from a special talisman.



Digimon Spirits


Renamon b

Renamon was the first Digimon Spirit Zelda was shown to have. She helped fight against the bandits at Caladium Village before being defeated by a Minotarumon. Theme: Spectra (Pokemon Conquest) [1]


  • Diamond Storm: Summons a cloud of razor-sharp shards that she fires on her foe.
  • Power Paw: Engulfs her feet and fists in a raging inferno of blue flames after glowing in a ghostly blue light, then leaps into the air and kicks and slices at foes.


Gallantmon b

Main Article: Gallantmon (Chronicles)


Vajramon b

Vajramon was the third Digimon Spirit found by Zelda. Originally in the possession of a bandit, he has since become a friend and ally of Zelda.

This Vajramon wears blue armor as opposed to the usual red armor of his species.

Theme: Truth, Despair, and Hope (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones) [2]


Treasured Memories (Kingdom Hearts) [3]

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