Level Mega
Type Ancient Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Prior forms MetalZeromarumon
Partners Chris

Despite having the appearance of an Exalted Knight, Zergiomarumon is actually an ancient dragon Digimon. Its name is derived from “Sergio and Zeromaru.” It stripped the added layers of machine and dinosaur data from its digicore to reveal the true ancient dragon within. Its mind and logic processor have evolved even further than a super computer. Its new found personality is cruel yet just, benevolent to the weak but merciless to the wicked. Its left arm is a reformatted version of MetalZeromarumon’s Grand Breaker right arm. However, Zergiomarumon’s Gran Breaker is an organic arm with chrondigizoit armor. As an ancient dragon that exists throughout time, it has finally exempted itself from what it feared as a reptile, dinosaur, and even a cyborg … the fear of becoming obsolete. The beam lance Typhon emitted from its right gauntlet usually stays at five feet in length, but can extend to a maximum of twenty feet on command, and has the power to return things to their most primitive form.


  • Temporal Blade :Slashes the opponent with the beam lance Typhon extended to its fullest, returning any digimon below Mega level hit by it to their In-Training forms.
  • Ereberus Hurricane:Spins wildly like a hurricane, dealing massive slashing damage with the Gran Breaker.
  • Demon's Gate:Traps the opponent in a freeze-frame dimension, then destroys the dimension with a huge explosion, realeasing the opponent heavily damaged.
  • Tartarus Crush:Spin kicks the opponent from both directions, then performs a heel drop on the opponent's head with enough force to shatter concrete.

Notes and References

Lines and coloring by Zach Wilken

I designed Yeemon and all its forms from Lego figures.