Zero is one of the main characters of Digi-Rider. Unlike the other main characters, Zero is not at all humanoid, he is a dragon. His Digimon partner is a Dracomon, and he owns Digivice ZERO-1 and the Digi-Bike Zero Ride.


Zero is a young dragon that is the same size as his partner Dracomon, a little bit above a foot and a half. His body color is a silverish white, his eyes are yellow, and has the appearance of an oriental dragon with some features of some European dragons. The horns on his head are curved upward and has three claws on each of his hands and feet.


Zero is often seen as a hardcore bad boy character; he dislikes showing off, publicity stunts, dirty tricks, people who are all talk (even when they have good skills), and people who do things like steal for something stupid, being selfish for bad reasons, or something evil. He has shown good and playful side though, he cares about the friends he makes and treats them like family, he also likes to tease Topaz who he occasionally fights with both with words and fists (not to mention he hated the idea of pairing up with her at first). He respects his superiors and possible underlings even though he doesn't like to refer to them as that. He is shown to be popular with people to the point of infatuation much to his annoyance.


Despite his small size, Zero is very powerful. Through the ZERO System, Zero has a large amount of powers such as generating and control over zero-point energy which has a lot of uses. Other powers include invulnerablility, intangilibility, accelerated healing factor, controlled strength, speed, weight, dimensions (only to Zero Dimensions), creating vaccuums and voids, almost anything associated with the number zero. Even without using the ZERO Systems controlled abilities, Zero fights with a unique fighting style similar to a peregrine falcon's hunting style and ninjutsu, which he uses to great effects. His speed and agility without the ZERO System is above the average dragon's flying speed which is useful against larger opponents with heavy firepower. Zero's jaw strength is also strong enough to hold onto objects for a very long time.

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