Zippomon X2

Zippomon X2
Type Enhancement
Prior forms Zippomon
* (w/ Companymon)
Partners Ritchie Hannowski
Gary Tonleiro

A fan Digimon created by JBolbotowski1.

Zippomon X2 is an Enhancement Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Zippomon Cross Two". The "Enhanced-armor Mode" (強化装甲形態 Kyoukasoukou Keitai?) of Companymon, who excels in defense, confers physical strength and defense several times over to itself by housing Zippomon within, and furthermore, as a result of fusing the latent abilities of these two Digimon, it brings out many powerful Special Moves. Its Special Moves are full of variety, with close-combat attacks, beam attacks, and live ammunition attacks, and have a well-roundedness which can cope with anything from one-on-one combat to group battles, so that might is drawing more than enough from Companymon's latent abilities.


  • Plasma Arrow
  • Heavy Blaster: Converts its emotional strength to energy and fires it from its chest. It can only use this, its greatest Special Move, when it synchronizes the power of friendship between Zippomon and Companymon.
  • Rocket Bunker: Charges energy into its arm.
  • Synaptic Laser: Fires a laser from its eyes.
  • Arrow Vulcan: Fires the arrow-shaped vulcans on its palms.