Zippomon X3

Zippomon X3
Type Composition
Prior forms Zippomon + Companymon + Warurumon
Partners Ritchie Hannowski + Gilia Honolino + Gary Tonleiro

A fan Digimon created by JBolbotowski1.

Zippomon X3 is a Composition Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Zippomon Cross Three", that resembles Shoutmon X3 except he has Companymon's body and arms and Warurumon's legs and tail.

It is a warrior called the "Physical Mode" (フィジカル形態 Fijikaru Keitai?), born from Zippomon, Companymon, and Warurumon's combat instinct and possessing the fundamental abilities of "Spirit, Skill, and Power" in great supply. Its motion is rich with maneuverability, and it makes sport of the enemy with its acrobatic movements. It appears slender and because its flexible body joints absorb and dissipate the force they receive, it possesses the ability to resist impacts. The "V" on its chest is an all-purpose weapon.


  • Three Victorize: Fires a beam from the "V" on its chest that sweeps away hordes of opponents in a single strike.
  • Victorizing Destroyer: Emits and fires a beam barrage from its chest.
  • Victorize Boomerang: Detaches the "V" on its chest and throws it, using it as a gigantic boomerang instead of a sword.