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Level Ultimate
Type Undead Beast Digimon
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldier
Prior forms Grizzlymon
Next forms AncientSphinxmon [M1]</ref>
Partners Duke Anderson

ZombieGrizzlymon is a dead Grizzlymon that was brought back to life by using the power of AncientSphinxmon. But during the resurrection the power of AncientSphinxmon completely toke over Grizzlymon's body.


  • dead bear glare: sends out a black laser beam from it's eyes.
  • sphinx bear punch: punches an opponent at full power with the right claw.
  • omega bear stomp: smack the ground with all it's might causing a giant earthquake
  • ancient burst: lets loose a giant shock wave or explosion from it's body with great force it also let loose a magical force that disturbs the opponents senses.

Notes and References

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