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Zukimemon is the most powerful digimon that digivolves from the weakest, Lamememon. Zukimemon has to be summoned by Garinthaggamon who was killed by TauimoLikaxmon. TauimoLikaxmon was killed by MaloMilleniummon. And she was killed by X-V-Tmon. X-V-Tmon is needed to DNA digivolve with Yokolkorimon and create Lamememon. How can the DigitalOmegantroWorld's mosst powerful become the weakes monster ever?

The way Zukimemon can be reanimated is if DodecaKandomon opens ChoChanChuriChazChamomon's heart and incase it with Delviderenniumon's blood. After all, ChoChanChuriChazChamomon did murder KulivaMimon who is Zukimemon in ultimate who is weaker. Zukimemon is needed to stop MaloKoveriaMaloxMaxintarMaloKingurriMaloqirnorittamon, the strongest DigiMon in HELL...

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