(フレイモン Flamon)
Flamemon b
Level Hybrid[1]
Type Demon Man
Attribute Variable
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms Agunimon[2]
Partners Takuya Kanbara
Voice actors (Ja:) Junko Takeuchi (Frontier)
(En:) Michael Reisz (Frontier)

Flamemon is a Demon Man Digimon whose name and design are derived from the flame. It was transformed into a half-beast, half-man form when Agunimon lost its power. It is missing the "Combat Instinct" that Digimon naturally possess, and moreover, it has lost power. However, it is a being that has inherited the Human Spirit of Flame of AncientGreymon, so although it has lost power, ordinary Champion-class Digimon aren't a match for it. If anything, it has kindness inappropriate for a Digimon and is similar to a Champion Digimon, counterbalancing its mischievous part.[3]

Digimon Frontier

Main article: Flamemon (Frontier)

Digimon Racing

Agunimon may degenerate to him if his energy becomes too low.

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Main article: Flamemon (Frontier)


  • Baby Salamander: Fires off an aura of flames.
  • Flame Tail

Notes and references

  1. Flamemon's Hybrid level is equated to the Rookie level in the Digital Monster Card Game.
  2. Digimon Frontier, "Home Again, Takuya Returns" [22]
  3. Digimon Reference Book: Flamon

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