Flaremon b
Level Ultimate
Type Beast Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Virus Busters
Prior forms Firamon[1]
Next forms Apollomon[1]
Partners Kurearu
Cards (Ja:) Dα-390, Dα-444

Flaremon is a Beast Man Digimon whose name comes from the English word flare. It is Coronamon's Ultimate form and the digivolved form of Firamon. It seems to have gained near unbelievable speed and has learned advanced fighting skills. However, it seems this new power came at the cost of losing its ability to fly.

Digimon World Dusk and Dawn

Flaremon is #286, and is an Ultimate-level, Balance-class, Holy-species Digimon with a resistance to the Light element and weakness to the Dark element. Its basic stats are 236 HP, 241 MP, 140 Attack, 120 Defense, 92 Spirit, 105 Speed, and 60 Aptitude. It possesses the Powerful 4, Psychic 4, and Fire Aura4 traits.

Flaremon digivolves from Firamon and can digivolve to Apollomon. In order to digivolve or degenerate to Flaremon, your Digimon must be at least level 40, with 80% friendship and 140 spirit.

Flaremon can DNA digivolve to Goldramon with Seahomon.

Digimon World Championship

Flaremon can digivolve from Firamon with at least 10 battles, or Lynxmon with 40 Holy AP and at least 8 battles.


  • Guren Juuouha (紅蓮獣王波? lit. "Crimson Beast-King Wave"): Fires an energy shot from its hands that looks like a lion's head.
  • Kurenai Shishi no Mai[2] (紅・獅子の舞? lit. "Red Lion Dance"): Unleashes multiple flaming punches and kicks upon an opponent.
  • Purifying Howl (清々の咆哮 Seisei no Houkou?): Unleashes an energy blast while howling to destroy an opponent's data.

Notes and references

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  2. This attack is romanized as "Kurenai Shishinomai" in Digimon World Championship.

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