Four Great Dragons
80% Winning Percentage! St-603 (DM)

The Four Great Dragons (四大竜 Yondairyuu?) are a group of four Mega-level Dragon Digimon that are derived from the Chinese myth of the Four Dragon Kings who rule over the four seas surrounding China, and manifest as its four great rivers. The Dragon Kings appeared prominently in the Ming dynasty epics Journey to the West (西遊記 Xī​yóu​jì​?) and Creation of the Gods (封神演義 Fēng​shén​ Yǎn​yì​?).

Azulongmon is the most deified existence in the group.[1] It is said that Slayerdramon's form is one that can only be attained by those who complete the training that is called the "Trial of the Four Great Dragons" (四大竜の試練 Yondairyuu no Shiren?), which can only be challenged by Dragon Digimon.[2]


Digimon Dragon Alternates
Azulongmon b
Ào Guǎng of the East Sea
Megidramon b
Ào Shùn of the North Sea Megidramon X b
Megidramon X
Goldramon b
Ào Rùn of the West Sea Goldramon X b
Goldramon X
Magnadramon b
Áo Qīn of the South Sea Holydramon Bx-88 (DM)
Magnadramon X


Digimon Crusader

Digimon All-Star Rumble

Notes and references

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