Gashamon icon
Gashamon b
Grade Standard
Type Entertainment
Appli Gasha
Power 300
Debut Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters: Cyber Arena
Next forms Tarotmon
* (w/ Tellermon)[1]
Buddies Wakaba

Gashamon is a Gasha Appmon.


  • Gashagashapon
  • Dokkiri Capsule (ドッキリカプセル Dokkiri Kapuseru?, lit. "Blind Capsule")


Gashamon appears as a gashapon machine full of capsules, costing 200 yen per try. Like all Appmon, it has two cables on its back to allow Applink.

Its Bandai art depicts it holding a capsule containing Agumon in its left hand.


Gashamon (ガシャモン)

Name used in the Appmon Chip Reference Book. No official romanization available.

  • Gashapon, capsule toys from vending machines.


Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS)

Notes and references

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