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Gatchmon t
Appears in:Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters
First appearance "The Search Result is Haru Shinkai! Gatchmon Appears!" [01]
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Cocoro Kikuchi
Partner(s):Haru Shinkai
App Fusion Partner (+ Navimon)
App Fusion Partner (+ Timemon)

Gatchmon is Haru Shinkai's Buddy Appmon.


Main article: Gatchmon#Design



  • Deep Search: Launches one of its claws into a search engine to find the results of a search.
  • Gatch Claw: Coats one of its claws in energy, then slashes the opponent.



Gatchmon is investigating Leviathan's actions when he is discovered and has to flee. Desperate to escape, he performs a search and finds Haru Shinkai, emerging from his smartphone. After explaining the concept of Appmon, Gatchmon declares Haru to be his Buddy, though Haru refuses. He begins to fade, however, having exhausted his personal power in the Real World. Haru's attention is then drawn by his mother, whose messaging app is on the fritz. Gatchmon reveals that a virus-infected Messemon is the cause. Messemon proceeds to reveal embarrassing images to world before fleeing into an AR Field; Gatchmon and Haru give chase. Messemon attacks the pair, and Gatchmon calls on Haru to appliarise him, but Haru is too scared. Despite being in his weak chip form, Gatchmon defends Haru, telling him that he has confidence in him. Haru eventually decides that he does want to be a main character, unlocks his Appli Driver, and appliarises him.

Now at full strength, Gatchmon attempts to scan Messemon for a weakness, but the relentless attacks prevent him. Haru aids him with a keyword, allowing Gatchmon to perform a search and realize Messemon's weakness: that words can only do damage if you let them. Gatchmon uses this idea to simply ignore Messemon's attacks, allowing him to get close enough to attack and purge Messemon of the virus. The partnership cemented, the pair exit the AR Field. The Search Result is Haru Shinkai! Gatchmon Appears!

On October 8, Gatchmon joins Haru in searching for Ai Kashiki after navigation apps go on the fritz. During the search, Gatchmon tells Haru about his investigation into Leviathan and the L-Virus that causes Appmon to go out of control while also discovering that saying Leviathan's name causes him to freeze up. They come across a virus-infected Navimon, the cause of the problem, and chase him into an AR Field. Navimon proves to be difficult and tricky, using his arrows as a basis for homing attacks. Haru's search allows Gatchmon to realize that rotation confounds the Navimon's location capabilities, and then Gatchmon teaches Haru how to perform an Applink. Haru applinks Messemon with Gatchmon, which allows him to use Messemon's trailing body to stymie Navimon. Gatchmon then defeats and purifies Navimon. They are attacked by Cameramon not long after, and Cameramon manages to blind Gatchmon. Haru gets the idea to applink Gatchmon with Navimon but accidentally perform an App Fusion, creating DoGatchmon. The Eerie Guide! I am Navimon!


Appli Monsters: Appmon Academy!!

Other Forms

Gatchmon plus Messemon

8-02 Gatchmon plus Messemon

Gatchmon plus Messemon is the Applink of Gatchmon and Messemon.

On October 8, Haru applinks Gatchmon and Messemon in order to confuse Navimon. The Eerie Guide! I am Navimon!


  • Messe Stream Attack: Fires off texting bubbles.

Gatchmon plus Dokamon

Gatchmon plus Dokamon is the Applink of Gatchmon and Dokamon.

On October 29, Dokamon lent Gatchmon his powers so that they can defeat Dressmon. I'll Dokkan Punch Your Heart! Eri is the Appmon Idol!


  • Doka Punch: Flies towards the enemy whilst surrounding himself with comet-like energy, then delivers a punch.



DoGatchmon is the App Fusion of Gatchmon and Navimon.

On October 8, Haru, nervous by Cameramon's attack, tries to applink Gatchmon and Navimon but the result ends up being an App Fusion. The Eerie Guide! I am Navimon! DoGatchmon easily defeats Cameramon. The Character I Raised is Stark Naked!? Roleplaymon's School Dungeon! Later on, he manages to defeat Scopemon by finding his blind spot. I Shall Have You in Costume! Cameramon's Halloween Scandal!


  • Deep Dive: Warps the pointers to create a portal into the Net Ocean, and dives in to look for the result of a search.
  • DoGatch Buster: Warps the pointers to its hands, then fires a powerful blast of energy.

DoGatchmon plus Raidramon

DoGatchmon plus Raidramon is the Applink of Dogatchmon and Raidramon.

On December 17, Rei finally decided to allow Haru Shinkai to Applink DoGatchmon and Raidramon in order to defeat Sakusimon.



Globemon duam3ds

Globemon is the App Fusion of DoGatchmon and Timemon.

Two months after the 3DS Protagonist meets Onmon, DoGatchmon and Timemon app fuse to fight Raidramon. Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters (3DS)


  • Glanz Gazer (Deu: "Shining Gazer"): Surrounds himself with energy, then fires a beam from his chest.

Notes and references

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