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Gennai t
Appears in:Digimon Adventure/02/Digimon Adventure tri.
First appearance Adventure: "The Legend of the DigiDestined" [13]
Last appearance tri.: "Coexistence" [05]
Actor(s):(Ja:) Joji Yanami (old), Hiroaki Hirata (young)
(En:) Mike Reynolds (old), Jeff Nimoy, Steven Jay Blum (young)[1]

Gennai (ゲンナイ Gen'nai?) is a fictional character from the anime Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 who serves as a guide to the Digital World. He is a member of the Agents.


In Gennai's first appearance, he is shown to be an old man with a large grey mustache and a nearly bald head, aside from a small ponytail. His eyes are always shut.

Young Gennai

Young Gennai

In his younger form, Gennai has short, brown hair with a ponytail at the back and indigo eyes, and he wears brown and cream-colored robes with a black turtleneck. Dark Gennai has a similar appearance, but wears black robes with a purple turtleneck, and has pale blue eyes.


Gennai (ゲンナイ)

Name used in Digimon Adventure and related materials.


Gennai is a data-based humanoid being that was part of a group that created the Digimon and Digivices for the DigiDestined. Gennai's comrades were slaughtered by Piedmon, who stole the Tags and Crests, but Gennai managed to escape; however he lost the Digivice and Digi-Egg that was supposed to belong to Kari Kamiya. The Ultimate Clash After the defeat of Devimon, Gennai revealed himself via hologram to the Digidestined and asked them to head to the Server continent to defeat the powerful enemies that resided there.

He would advise the Digidestined during their battles against Etemon and give Izzy's laptop a Digimon Analyzer. Later, he would reveal the existence of the 'Eighth Child', and that Myotismon was trying to gain access to the Real World in order to locate and kill them. When the DigiDestined fail to stop Myotismon from entering the Real World and are unable to follow him, Gennai guides them to his home under a lake, meeting the DigiDestined in person for the first time. He would go on to tell them how they could return to the Real World to fight Myotismon and find the Eighth Child. He also modifies Izzy's computer further, allowing Izzy to send and receive e-mail from the Digital World.

Gennai's past is revealed when Homeostasis possesses Kari during the DigiDestined's fight with the Dark Masters. Gennai would later reveal after the defeat of the Dark Masters that they were not the first DigiDestined to come to the Digital World, and that the first group had been summoned to defeat a powerful evil Digimon that came from behind the Wall of Fire, and that the DigiDestined were summoned to destroy a new threat, which was revealed to be Apocalymon. After Apocalymon's defeat, Gennai tells the DigiDestined to return home, as the portal between the Digital World and the Real World is closing.

Gennai would later appear to Izzy and Tai to warn them of a threat coming from Diaboromon on the Internet.

At some point afterwards, Gennai called the DigiDestined back into the Digital World to ask them to give up the power of their Crests to add another layer of protection to the Digital World, which they did.

Three years after the defeat of Apocalymon, Gennai would reappear to pass on Azulongmon's DigiCores to the DigiDestined. He reveals that he and his kind have been working hard to erase evidence of the existence of the Digital World from the Real World. After the defeat of MaloMyostismon, Gennai reveals that he was in possession of Gatomon's tail ring since she lost it.

Three years after the defeat of MaloMyotismon, it is revealed that Gennai has been passing information on the Infected Digimon to the Government to aid them in combating the threat they posed.Template:Confirm

Other Appearances

Digimon Masters

Gennai is an NPC.



Benjamin (ベンジャミン?) is Gennai's American counterpart. His name is likely a reference to Benjamin Franklin.

Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1


Jackie (ジャッキー Jakkī?) is Gennai's Chinese counterpart. His name is likely a reference to Jackie Chan.

Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1


Hogan (ユーカリ Yūkari?, lit. "Eucalyptus") is Gennai's Australian counterpart. His English name is likely a reference to Paul Hogan, while his Japanese name, "Eucalyptus", is a reference to the Eucalyptus genus, which dominates the tree flora of Australia.

Digimon World Tour, Pt. 2


Jose (ホセ Hose?) is Gennai's Mexican counterpart. His name is likely a reference to José Guadalupe Posada. In the English dub he speaks with a Mexican accent.

In December 24, 2002, when Ken, Wormmon, Matt, and Gabumon have trouble trying to sneak in the Mayan Ruins in Palenque, Jose shows up and distract the guards with martial arts moves. After the group has met Rosa and Gotsumon, Jose meets up with them in the ruins, scaring Wormmon. In the Japanese version, as the group goes deeper into the ruins, Jose translates Rosa and Ken's conversation to the others. After WereGarurumon, Stingmon, and Monochromon defeat the Minotarumon and Dokugumon attacking the ruins, Jose opens a laptop for Ken to send them back to the Digital World. Digimon World Tour, Pt. 3


Ilya (イリア Iria?) is Gennai's Russian counterpart. His name is likely a reference to Ilya Muromets. In the English dub he speaks with a Russian accent.

In December 24, 2002, after Sora, Yolei, Anna, Sonya, Yuri, and their Digimon defeat a swarm of Flymon in Moscow, Ilya shows up, apologizing for the delay, and tells Sora and Yolei to go to Siberia in the English dub, and north in the Japanese version. After the herd of Mammothmon is defeated in Siberia, Ilya bring the computer to send the Digimon back to the Digital World. He then thanks for the help and leaves. Digimon World Tour, Pt. 3

Dark Gennai

7-03 Mysterious Man

7-03 Digimon Emperor

Dark Gennai (謎の男 Nazo no Otoko?, lit. "Mysterious Man") is a man who looks like a young Gennai wearing black clothes. It's currently unknown whether he is Gennai himself or one of his copies. He has the ability to change his form into that of Ken Ichijouji as the Digimon Emperor.

The Mysterious Man, disguised as Ken, observes an attack by the infected Ogremon on Primary Village. Later, at the Tsukishima General High School festival, he is spotted by Maki Himekawa, who is surprised to see "Ken". He then abducts Meicoomon, allowing the DigiDestined identify him as "Ken", then retreats back into the Digital Dimension. When followed by Leomon, Gomamon, and Palmon, he infects Leomon and sends Imperialdramon to attack the two Rookies. After Imperialdramon Fighter Mode is defeated by Rosemon and Vikemon, he releases Meicoomon and vanishes. Determination Later, after the DigiDestined return to the rebooted Digital World, he watches as they reunite with their Partners. He then comments to Himekawa about how it is such "a deeply emotional reunion" and reveals his Gennai-like form to her. Confession

During a conversation between Daigo Nishijima and Hackmon, it is revealed that, at some point, Yggdrasill had managed to capture Gennai. "Gennai", once again disguised as the Digimon Emperor, attacks Sora, Biyomon, and Meicoomon. He reveals that the reboot was all part of Yggdrasill's plot to create a new world order where humans and Digimon can no longer interact with each other. He unleashes Machinedramon and MetalSeadramon on the Digi-Destined, but they are defeated by Hououmon, HerculesKabuterimon, and Seraphimon. "Gennai" later attacks Meiko Mochizuki, sending Meicoomon into a fury and causing her to digivolve once again into Meicrackmon. Loss

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