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GeoGreymon b
Level Champion
Type Dinosaur
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Nature Spirits
Prior forms Agumon (2006 anime)[1]
Agumon X[2]
Next forms RizeGreymon[3]
Partners Marcus Damon
Tsurugi Tatsuno
Voice actors (Ja:) Taiki Matsuno (Savers)

GeoGreymon is a Dinosaur Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Geo Greymon". It is a unique Digimon that is conjectured to be a subspecies of Greymon. Its body and the carapace on its head have also developed like a full-length lethal weapon, and its appearance has become more aggressive.[4]

Digimon Data Squad

Digimon World Data Squad

Champion level of Agumon in Digimon World Data Squad, digivolves when you encounter Tylomon on Walter Island in the beginning of the game.

Digimon Next

Main article: GeoGreymon (Next)

Digimon World DS

GeoGreymon digivolves from Agumon and can digivolve to RizeGreymon.

Digimon World Championship

GeoGreymon digivolves from Agumon with 20 Dragon AP and 6 battles, and will digivolve to RizeGreymon with 10 battles, with 50% won, MetalGreymon with 40 Dragon AP or Mammothmon if you pass time.

Digimon World Dawn and Dusk

GeoGreymon digivolves from Agumon at LV 20 with 60% friendship and 90 attack and can digivolve further into RizeGreymon. When competing to reach the legendary tamer he appears in one of the fights with the Peckmon and Gaogamon.

Digimon Story: Lost Evolution

GeoGreymon digivolves from Agumon and can digivolve into RizeGreymon. It can be found in the Pixel Desert.


  • Mega Flame[5]: Spews super-high temperature flames from its mouth, reducing everything to ashes.
  • Mega Burst: Fires off a version of "Mega Flame" enhanced to its limit within its mouth.
  • Horn Impulse: Charges with its gigantic horns and pulverizes the opponent.
  • Mega Shot: Fires a blast from the mouth.
  • Mega Roar: Attacks with the blast of a war cry.
  • Mega Volcano: Breathes out a huge fireball and causes a huge explosion.

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