6-27 Analyzer-07 JP
Debut Digimon Fusion,
"Sweet Zone Bake-off!" [27]
Prior forms WaruMonzaemon + Monzaemon[1]
Voice actors (Ja:) Osamu Ryūtani (Xros Wars)
(En:) Neil Kaplan (Fusion)

GigaWaruMonzaemon is the result when WaruMonzaemon absorbs several Monzaemon. It is a giant version of WaruMonzaemon with serrated claws jutting from its left arm and both feet. GigaWaruMonzaemon wields a pizza-cutter shaped like a teddy-bear face in its right hand.

Digimon FusionEdit


  • Heartburn Blast (Heartbreak Attack): Cuts out a glowing pink heart.
  • Mega Heartburn (Giga Heartbreak Attack): Hurls a pink heart made of pulsating energy.

Notes and referencesEdit