Ginkakumon b

Ginkakumon 4-061 (DJ)

Title Gold and Silver Ogre Brothers
Oni no Kingin Burazāzu?)
Level Champion
Type Ogre
Attribute Virus

Ginkakumon is an Ogre Digimon whose name and design are derived from the fictional Ginkaku. It is a giant, taciturn boy that, together with its big sister Kinkakumon, is feared as the "Gold and Silver Ogre Brothers". The "Beni Hisago" (紅葫蘆? lit. "Crimson Calabash") that it carries on its back is Kinkakumon's drink, and it's said that the inside is connected to somewhere in a different dimension, and that Digimon who are hurled to this different dimension are converted to alcohol. It is always worrying for its big sister Kinkakumon out of love. It warmly watches over even Kinkakumon's misbehavior, and if there is an unscrupulous fellow approaching its big sister, it throws them with enough power to shake a mountain. If Kinkakumon is aboard the cockpit in its abdomen, then Ginkakumon's power becomes as mighty as should be expected from a big sister and a little brother. Being boarded is secretly a happy time for Ginkakumon.[1] The character on its gorget reads "Silver" ( Gin?).


  • Kiendan (鬼炎弾? lit. "Ogre's Fire Shot"): Shoots a fireball from its mouth.
  • Gyakugeki Endan (逆撃炎弾? lit. "Counterattack Fire Shot"): Fires off the Kiendan while stepping back from an opponent that has challenged it in close combat.
  • Ginkaku Tokkan (銀角突貫? lit. "Ginkaku Rush"): Capitalizes on its large build by lowering its back and charging to crush the opponent.
  • Kingin Raimeigeki (金銀雷鳴撃? lit. "Gold and Silver Thunder Attack"): Exposes the opponent to high voltage when Kinkakumon is aboard in a further addition to the Ginkaku Tokkan.

Ginkakumon Promote

Ginkakumon Promote
Ginkakumon Promote 98-003 (DJ)
Level Champion
Type Ogre

Ginkakumon Promote is an unreleased Digimon who appears to be an empowered Ginkakumon with a shining gold aura. It has a Digimon Jintrix card that was not released in physical form.

Notes and References

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