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GoldNumemon b
Level Mega[1]
Type Mutant
Attribute Virus
Family Metal Empire
Cards (Ja:) DM02-035

GoldNumemon is a subspecies of PlatinumNumemon, its body is made of gold, a very rare metal. GoldNumemon were "born" from the Numemon that lives in Goldine Mine, after taking the goldine mineral. They look like golden slugs with a pair of feathered wings, and lots of jewelry.

Digimon World Data Squad

GoldNumemon digivolves from Numemon in any Digivolution Galaxy and can be fought in the Digital Dungeon.


  • Gold Excrement
  • Gold-Durian Rush
  • Goldonala

Notes and References

  1. GoldNumemon is a Champion Digimon in Digimon World Data Squad.

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