(グランドロコモン GrandLocomon)
GranLocomon b
Level Mega
Type Machine
Attribute Data
Family Metal Empire
Nature Spirits
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Locomon[1]
Voice actors (En:) Lex Lang (Tamers), Michael Sorich (Fusion)
Cards (Ja:) Bo-682, Bo-79t

GranLocomon is a Machine Digimon whose name and design are derived from "Grand Locomon". It is a Vehicle-species Digimon that digivolved from Locomon. It broke through the limits on the speeds sought by Locomon, and so it rushes about within the Network at super-speeds. It has an extremely strong competitive spirit and the personality of reckless types, and since its power is also incomparable, those who suffer its assault are smashed to smithereens. Although Locomon was not able to run when there wasn’t any rails, when GranLocomon is in a place where there aren't any rails, it is able to just produce rails to run on itself.[3]

Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon

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Digimon Fusion

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Digimon World DS

When the Bad Tamers wreak havoc across the land, they escape on a GranLocomon in Junk Factory. The protagonists chases them down and eventually traps them, forcing GranLocomon to fight him as a boss. It gives 929 Machine EXP, 3165 Bits[citation needed], 480 Food, and a Soma γ when defeated.

If the protagonist uses a Digivolve Disk on a Machine species Digimon, it will temporarily digivolve into GranLocomon.


  • Wrecking Ball (Destroyed Crash): Crashes into the opponent with its spiked wheel at speed.
  • Limited Express Attack

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