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Grand Generamon is a Unique Digimon. It is a form that was forced digifused from Dorbickmon, NeoMyotismon, Zamielmon, Splashmon Darkness Mode 2, Olegmon, Gravimon, and Apollomon, as they were without being compressed. It has no self or will, and unleashes the Special Moves of the seven who were its basis against those who enter its field of vision.[2]


Grand Generamon is a gestalt of seven Digimon. It has the head and chest of Dorbickmon, the wings and left arm of NeoMyotismon, the abdomen and tail of Zamielmon, the body of Splashmon Darkness Mode 2 as its lower half which gives it a centaur-like appearance, the right arm of Olegmon, the right arm of Gravimon with its chest and tentacles as the shoulder, and the crest and left arm of Apollomon.


GrandGeneramon (グランドジェネラモン)

Official romanization given in Digimon Jintrix and used in Japanese materials.

Grand Generamon

Name used in the American English version of Digimon Fusion.


Digimon Fusion

Notes and references

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