GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode
 GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode)
6-35 Analyzer-09 JP
Debut Digimon Fusion, "The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honey Land" [35]
Prior forms GrandisKuwagamon + Honeybeemon[1]
Partners Wood-spirit Army

GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode is the DigiFuse of GrandisKuwagamon and Honeybeemon. The Power Drain: The Hunters of Honey Land



GrandisKuwagamon Honey Mode (グランディスクワガーモンハニーモード)

Official romanization given by the Digimon Reference Book and used through the series.

GrandisKuwagamon Honeybee Mode

Name used in the American English version of Digimon Fusion and used in most American English media.


Digimon Fusion

Notes and references

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